Purchase Youtube views, this action must be quite familiar in the realm of Youtubers and influencers. Many people consider buying views, likes, and others for their Youtube for many reasons. Uniquely, their reasons are mainly not about increasing traffic instantly. Those views are used to attract other viewers to come. But the most important question is: is it really safe to use the service? Well, to know whether it is safe and recommended or not, you can read some explanations below.

Youtube actually doesn’t allow it

If you read the terms and conditions of Youtube, it is known that the action of purchasing views and others is not legal. The rule is not only for Youtube but also for many other popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Sure, those platforms basically need real data to know their users more. With bought views that are mostly fake, it just makes their works more difficult.

You can still do it

Uniquely, although it is actually not allowed, you can still buy views and use them in your videos. Why? It is because Youtube will not do the inspection every day. There are certain times where they do that. But even your video is known to use bought views, it is still safe. The only Youtube will do is deleting those views. There will not be further actions like your video will be deleted or your account will be banned. You only need to use your bought video wisely so that the deletion will not affect your video and channel.

Is it safe to purchase Youtube views?

Use it only as a booster

Using the bought views wisely means that it is only used as the booster. There is a unique characteristic of Youtube viewers anyway. They tend to watch videos with a large number of views than them with the smaller ones. So, buying views is intended to attract other people to watch your video. The improvement of the traffic is also caused by the real viewers who are finally coming, not the bought one. In case one day, the bought views are deleted, it will not give any side effect to the real views as well as your videos anyway.

Buy Real Views

There is an assumption that all bought views must be fake. Of course, it is something wrong. Some sites prefer buying people to watch your videos informing the likes using the software. Indeed, if you want to have real views, the price to pay must be more expensive. But it is much safer than buying the fake ones. You should not worry about the views will be deleted by Youtube anyway.

Other Features

In a trusted site, when you buy views, those are not the only products you can get. A package of views is commonly provided with some other features like antivirus and the system of security. They are mainly to protect your videos. Even the feature is able to hide the bought views from the Youtube detection system. Sure, it means you need to purchase Youtube views with those features.