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How to promote your video on Youtube?

To promote the video on Youtube, you need to know the formula that recognized and applied by many Youtube users or experts. Youtube marketing always is HOT Strategy. Youtube marketing services are very helpful for your video promotion. In case you have the budget, you can choose a reputable Youtube marketing and use their Youtube marketing services. Else, you also can marketing for your video by yourself on Youtube.

This is a great formula for Youtube marketing that I mentioned above!

1/ Optimize Meta Tag Title, Description and Keywords

To promote Youtube video, you need to optimize for Meta Tags as SEO Website. Optimize Meta Tags will help promote your video easier more and quicker more.
You should research the keywords that need SEO or focus on your video. Then Meta Title and Description should include those main keywords. A video-only should focus on 2 to 3 keywords. That’s the best way to promote your video effectively!

2/ Purchase Youtube Views, Likes and Comments

You should purchase Youtube Views, Likes for video after optimizing Meta Tags. More Youtube Views and Likes will help SEO video ranking on Youtube and Google search engine. Besides, purchase Youtube Views Likes will help save your time and effort. Moreover, many Youtube Views and Likes also will make your video look more impressive and get more recognition.

Youtube marketing formula

Youtube marketing formula

3/ SEO Backlinks or sharing video URL on social networks

Finally, you can use SEO Backlink service to bring more backlinks for your Youtube video. You know that many backlinks will help promote your video at TOP Ranking on Youtube search (similar to SEO Website). Also, you can create the backlinks for your Youtube video by yourself:


You can create backlinks on Quora. Quora is the largest platform for Questions and Answers. You only need to choose the Topics and Answer for the question that you know your field. Of course, your answer should include your video URL as a backlink. This way will help your video has a big number of backlinks and get more organic viewers (if you answer many questions that receive many viewers).

Social networks

You can share your Youtube video on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. This will help your video get more viewers from social networks. Besides, you should post the short article include your Youtube video URL on social networks.

4/ Write the articles include Youtube video URL

Medium and Blogger

You can write the articles include your video URL and upload it on Medium and Bloggers. This will help your video get more viewers or potential audiences on those popular Bloggers.
If your persistence to perform those steps, I trust this will help SEO and promote your video on the internet and Youtube community. 4 those steps are the great formula that helped millions of videos become better more and get more visitors and the interaction! Besides, this formula applied by Youtube marketing service to help SEO or improve for video ranking on search engines.

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