How to buy Youtube subscribers legit? Youtube service is a kind of service that can help increase the popularity of a channel. It can be seen from subscribers, views, likes, and others. Indeed, only by making an order and then paying for it, you can enjoy a thousand or even more subscribers only in around 24 hours.

But what mostly asked by people nowadays is whether buying subscribers is safe or not. Many people still think that it is useless. Moreover, some threats are also following behind including your video will be deleted or even your channel will be banned. So, in case you want to buy subscribers, make sure to know that it is really legitimate. Besides, it is important also to consider some matters below.

The Type of Subscribers

In general, there are 2 types of bought subscribers. They are real and fake subscribers. Real Youtube subscribers are made by real people. Therefore, the site or provider may pay people just to subscribe to your channel. Meanwhile, fake subscribers refer to subscribers that are made using a certain machine or software.

If you must choose which one of them, of course, they must be real subscribers. Since they are real accounts included in Youtube data, Youtube will not have a chance to delete it. On the other hand, fake subscribers made by software or a machine must be finally detected by Youtube, sooner or later.

Delivery Methods

It is impossible if suddenly, your channel gains so many Youtube subscribers at night. From zero to a thousand, it is mainly if your channel is still new. Unfortunately, the complete delivery method is still often done by many sites or providers. They said that they can deliver subscribers completely only in a short time.

Meanwhile, there are also sites that offer a gradual delivery method. So, the subscribers are not being delivered at the same time but gradually. You may get only 10 subscribers this day. Then, you will gain the other 30 the next day and so on. This method is more recommended to choose for looking more natural and organic for your channel’s longevity.

Things to Consider When You Buy Youtube Subscribers Legit

Monetizing Bought Youtube Subscribers

Your Youtube channel can be monetized when it has more than 1000 subscribers. Meanwhile, it also must have at least a 4000-hour duration. Sure, if you are still a beginner, it is impossible to monetize it mainly because your channel has not yet reached the number. That’s why; they choose to buy subscribers to finally monetize their channel.

Then, the next question often asked is whether bought subscribers can be monetized or not. Yes, around 98% of bought subscribers can be monetized. So, you can just earn money from it. But it is more recommended not to monetize bought subscribers. It is better only to use them to attract real subscribers. Then, the real Youtube subscribers legit are what to be monetized.

Why should it be that way? It is to avoid any detection from Youtube anyway. When the platform has detected your action and the bought subscribers are deleted, you may be banned by AdSense. This way, you need to repeat the process since the beginning.