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A Beginner Guide for Buying YouTube Subscribers

How buy youtube subscribers legit? Many people have this kind of question when they are offered a chance to increase their YouTube subscribers by purchasing it. Some of them are afraid that by doing this thing, their channel will get blocked and even worst, deleted by YouTube. So, here, we are going to enlighten you about this matter. Hopefully, after you read this article, you won’t hesitate to buy subscribers for your channel.

Why Is It Legal?

When you purchase YouTube subscribers from the provider, you get real subscribers. The provider paid the other (many) YouTube users to subscribe to your channel. Therefore, you get a real YouTube user as your subscriber. And, there is nothing illegal about this matter.

However, some of the providers, or we can say, the bad provider, use malicious ways to provide subscribers that you need. They use robots to create many YouTube account and control them to subscribe to your channel. This one is illegal. And, if you use their service, there is a big chance that your channel will get banned and other problems in the future. So, do some research! Make sure you buy from a trusted and reliable provider.

Youtube Subscribers legit

A Beginner Guide for Buying YouTube Subscribers legit

How to Buy Legal YouTube Subscribers?

Now, you know that buying subscribers is legal, next you need to know how to do that. The first and easiest way is finding the YouTube subscribers provider and buy it from them. On the internet, you can find many of them. Just search it with Google, and you will find it in no time. However, before you make a purchase, read the review or testimonial from the customer or third party. This is important, so you won’t spend your money on the incorrect place. You will only get scammed there. Plus, you get the problem for your channel and video.

The other methods, and maybe the safest and most legal method to buy YouTube subscribers, are by buying it from Google and YouTube itself. In short, you buy ads from them to promote your video or channel on other YouTube videos. That way, you can attract many people to watch your video, visit your channel, and subscribe.

The difference is the time you need to get the subscribers. The first method will give you the subscribers you bought, almost instantly. Mostly, they will need 24-48 hours to deliver the number of subscribers that you bought. This is a good thing, but somehow, it doesn’t look natural. The second method needs time to get the result. Nevertheless, it’s the safest and it gives you the most natural growth for the number of your subscribers.


Those are some of the important references you can use before you decide to buy more subscribers. As you can see, there is nothing wrong to do that. Having more subscribers means having more chance to get more people to watch your video. And, that is the main reason why you can buy youtube subscribers legit and fine as it is.

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